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Download our Safe Drive Stay Alive Greater Manchester 2021 - 2022 Evaluation here! Click on the images below to download the report you want to view. They're in chronological order by the date they were produced.

Evaluation 2022 - 2023

Cover page of the 2022 to 2023 evaluation report


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Competition Time

Safe Drive Stay Alive Competition 2023 This year we have commissioned Prof Louise Almond and Dr Sara Waring to undertake an independent evaluation of the 'Safe Drive Stay Alive'. We want to find out what aspects of our intervention are working well and where improvements could be made to promote safer driving. The views of young people attending
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Safe Drive Stay Alive is a road safety initiative that aims to empower young drivers to make safe driving choices. Watch our Taster video below to learn more!

Taster Video

Young people and senior leaders discussing the impact of the performances immediately after attending one of our free events.

Christina from

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