Learning to Drive


Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive

Choosing an Instructor

Learning to drive is one of the most important learning experiences you will ever undertake, equipping you with a valuable life skill.

Not all driving instructors are the same. Make sure you check that they an approved driving instructor (Green badge) rather than in training as a Potential Driving Instructor (Pink badge)

Most good approved driving instructors will offer further lessons post-test covering such experiences as motorway driving and driving on city or country roads.

Remember, price per lesson or passing quickly should not be the only factors you consider.

The following websites offer guidance on selecting the right driving instructor.

Drive iQ
Driving Instructors Association
The Good Egg Guide

Keep Learning

Passing your test is the start of a new journey as you continue to develop skills and experience. Ask your driving instructor, or an experienced driver you trust to offer further lessons to teach you skills for driving on motorways, driving at night, or on the kind of roads you might not have driven on as a learner.

Remember to always allow yourself plenty of time for your journey and plan your route or set your satnav before you set off.

You will also need to confidence to challenge your passengers behaviour at times. Don’t be afraid to do so!”

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