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Gary Walker

As far back as I can remember football was my life. If I wasn’t kicking a football as a kid I was carrying one. By the time I was in the 3rd year of primary school I was already playing for the schools 5th year team. As I went
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Joe Robinson

“Even though it was 3 lost weeks of my life, the past 5 years has been an on going battle” I was 18 and had just returned from travelling on my gap year. It was April and I was ready to start my first year of University in September. I had returned from travelling early to
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Lucy T

“My name is Lucy T and when I was 21 my world was turned upside down” I was living at home at that time, back from Uni and looking for a career break, enjoying life back in the family fold. It was Friday night and I was off to Bristol to celebrate my friend, Liz’s 21st
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