In 2014, 2015 and 2016 students told us………..

“Before seeing the performance, I knew it was wrong to drink and drive, I knew it was wrong to go on my phone whilst driving… But I didn’t know the extent of the damage which could be caused just by one small, tiny little mistake which could cost you and others their lives. I don’t see the point in dying in a situation that could be prevented, and now I know if you safe drive, you’ll stay alive.”

Student, 17 years

“Extremely moved by the speakers and inspired to be as safe as I can when driving”

“Really life changing”

“It will stop me going on my phone when I drive”

“Overwhelming and outstanding”

“Really drew my attention very emotional”

“Still can’t get over what I saw/heard today at the #SafeDriveGM presentation! Definitely going to change how I travel in cars!! @SafeDriveGM”

“Today’s event was mind blowing! Thank you for everything. When I learn how to drive I will be extremely careful. #SafeDriveGM”

“#SafeDriveGM Thank you so much for the presentation. It was very emotional but I will take a lot from it! You were all amazing! Well done!”

“#SafeDriveGM such an excellent presentation today at Middleton arena the stories were so sad and touching, I would like to say a big thank you”

“Really strong message given by the people at Middleton arena today learnt a lot and loads of respect to the people who spoke #SafeDriveGM”

And this Tweet was posted by a young man 4 weeks after the event!:

“started driving lessons wearing #SafeDriveGM wristband. Stay safe on the road! @DriveSafeGM

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